Friday, 10 July 2015

Magnetic Island - 28th June - 1st July

We caught the bus from Airlie Beach at 4:40am ready to make our way further north to Townsvile where we would catch the ferry over to Magnetic Island for a two day stay. Our time on the island would see us stay at Base Hostel and i couldn't believe my luck when the lady at reception said she was feeling generous and would let me stay for FREE! The hostel was beach front located and was absolutely stunning. 

We spent our time on the island over the two days down at Horseshoe Bay wandering around the super small market, Chilling on the beach, and on our last day myself and Debbie took a trip to the Forts walk where we were lucky to see a mother Koala with her baby. It was also my very first WILD koala encounter and it was so unbelievably cute!! The last evening on the island all of our Loka group went along to the hostel bingo night. None of our group won anything though but it was good fun none the less and a good way to end our time on the island. If i'd had the money I think it would have been better if we could have hired a car to explore the island as it was difficult to keep ourselves busy throughout our stay.

Whitsundays Trip and the Best Beach In the World - 24th/26th June

I arrived in Airlie Beach at 6am having bought the overnight train from Rockhampton and had to kill time until 1pm when I was due to go and pick the boat for my Whitsundays adventure for 3 days 2 nights sailing around the islands and reefs. 
Our boat was made up of 24 of us as well as three crew members and after a quick briefing we set sail for our first dive.
watching the sunset on our own private beach

This was my first experience at snorkelling in the ocean and it took a while to adjust to breathing under water but once I got the hang of it I quickly found myself cruising along thinking i was a fish. The coral reefs were awash with fish big and small and it was somewhat mesmerising watching from above and i felt like i was actually in Finding Nemo.
Later that evening we caught the small boat over to our own private beach and watched the sun go down over the calm sea.
Moments like this make me feel privileged to be doing all these incredible adventures and how great it is to have the freedom to travel as well as experience priceless moments like this one that I will one day look back on.
We watched shooting stars from the boat before going to bed after a great first day.

Our first full day took us diving in the same reef spot in the morning and then onto another before having a great lunch on board(our on board chef was literally amazing!)Two of the morning divers saw a manta ray cruising along past them.
We made our way over to Tongue Bay where we found our boat surrounded by sea turtles coming up for air every now and then as well as a manatee with her baby(big OMG moment)
After that excitement we bought the small boat again and made our way over to Whitehaven beach, the best beach in the world!
No photo can do this place justice
We spent roughly 2 hours exploring and playing about on the pure white silica sands of this incredibly breathtaking beach, undoubtedly the best i've ever been on in my life. After a long day we tucked into nachos on the boat as we yet again watched another beautiful sun set over the ocean as we sailed over the calm sea into anchor near the bay. The Following morning we had one last dive however it was quite choppy so visibility was not too great and the journey home was even worse! I HATE choppy seas and oh god was it choppy. The boat was swaying from side to side but all that said we had perfect weather the whole time we were away it was only the journey home that wasn't pleasant.

I found my time sailing around the Whitsunday islands and Whitehaven beach to be one of the best experiences i've had so far on my trip. I had always wanted to tick it off my bucket list and now i can say i have. Living on a boat for three days was great fun and i felt sad to be heading back to reality after my short break in paradise.