Monday, 29 June 2015

Rockhampton cattle farm stay - 22nd June

Myself and the others left Noosa in the morning to catch the train from Cooroy to Rockhampton to continue with my Loka tour. we had a long 9 hour brian journey ahead of us but managed to pass the time with card games as well as trying to squeeze in some sleep it didn't feel as long a trip as I had expected. Once we arrived we picked up our bus which took us to the remote farm along dirt track roads in the dark and then once there we unpacked our stuff, mag our swags and tucked into homemade beef stew around the campfire. The BEST stew ever that instantly reminded me of home. 

The weather was too wet to sleep outside so we had to spend the evening sleeping in the barn but we made it fun and drank the night away as per. 

In the morning we made traditional damper bread made from flour, beer and butter and then cooked in a pot on the fire to go with bacon, baked beans and eggs, yum! After brekkie we took a walk down to the paddock to feed the horses in the surroundings of Mt Wheeler, a sacred aboriginal ground.

Loka crew

Our scheduled train from Rockhampton to Airlie Beach was overnight so we spent the rest of the day at a resort in Emu Park where we could shower and sleep in preparation for our long overnight train ride. 
Before we left Emu Park we all headed up Bluff Point to watch the amazing sunset go down. One of the best i've seen yet. Australia YOU BEAUTY!

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fraser Island - Day 2

On day two of our trip we stared the day at 7.30am and this time it was my time to drive. I drove us along the sands, rocks and rivers to Eli Creek, another freshwater stream that carries you from the top to the bottom by the sea. 

We moved on from Eli Creek to the shipwreck and then on to champagne Pools where we chilled on the beach and played in the pools before moving on to India head. We watched stingrays and sharks below as well as catching humpback whales in the distance surfacing for air. 

We headed back for the evening which where we enjoyed spag' bol', beer pong and lots of goon, naturally.

The final day of our trip was short but also just as fun and in the morning after breakfast we made our way to Lake Wabby, another freshwater lake formed by the moving sand dunes. We even ran into a dingo on the way.
Champagne Pools

Lake Wabby
My time at Fraser was one i'll remember for a long time and a highlight of my trip so far. I met lots of great people and we al bonded really well making the trip even more special.
My next journey takes me up to Rockhampton for an overnight cattle farm stay then on to Airlie Beach where I pick my boat up for my Whitsundays tour. 
It feels so good to be on the road again, YAY!

Fraser Island - Day 1

So to cut a long story short i was initially meant to be starting a new job in Brisbane however I decided not to take it and start moving further up the east coast again. although I had loved my time in Brisbane and meant lots of great people at Base Hostel where I was living, it felt like the right time to move on.

I arrived in Noosa on the 18th of June where I was staying at Nomads hostel with the group of others who would be joining me on my trip to the island.

Day 1 - 19/06/15:
Our day started at 7am for an early morning check out where we picked to bus up at 7.30am to take us a two hour drive to Rainbow Beach where we met with our guid Link. We had our safety briefing where they told us all we needed to know about the 4x4's and how to drive them safely, after being put into out groups we were on the road to Fraser. 
Lake McKenzie

After lunch we drove along the sands to Lake Mckenzie, a freshwater lake with beautiful white sands. We Played volleyball in the lake and it was a chance for us to start bonding and getting to know each other.

After our time at the lake we made our way inland along the off road tracks to Central Station, the sight for the original town when the first inhabitants lived on the island. Our guid Link took us for a short walk through the trees and streams before heading back to base camp for dinner and drinking games. Our first taste of the island was fun and in the evening some of us went down onto the beach to look at the stars and catch the Milky  Way.