Friday, 27 March 2015

Surf Camp

My second week took me 2 hours south of the city to Surf Camp set in Gerringong (23rd - 27th March) with a small group of people I had met in my first week where we met up with 40 others who had also signed up for the week ahead all with different nationalities, travelling backgrounds and stories. We stayed in Surf shack style accommodation and had two two hour lessons of surfing a day. I had never imagined how much harder it would be to learn how to surf than i had initially first thought. Just trying to stay on the board whilst trying to catch the perfect wave and balance at the same time was near enough impossible for me. I think I had underestimated how much physical strength you need to have in order to even stay on the board without even standing up. 
Regardless of the fact I have little hope in me actually ever being able to surf properly the experience was something I will only ever get to do once and more than likely only whilst i'm here in Oz. 

Sunset over Seven Mile Beach

Our last night at surf camp

On the last night the 50 of us all went down to Seven Mile beach to watch the sunset. One of the best i've ever seen and the perfect end to a fun filled week living by the perfect beach. 

Surf babes

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