Saturday, 2 May 2015

Australia Zoo

I had wanted to go to Australia zoo ever since I arrived in On and Monday 20th April myself and my friend Jade caught the early 7:45am Greyhound coach and headed to the zoo.
After an hour and a half bus ride we arrived and headed straight for the crocs and alligators(naturally)and there was definitely plenty of them. I had never of guessed how big they actually are. Scary!
The weather wasn't great but we still managed to get round the whole zoo and see all the animals, Kangaroos, Koalas, Tigers, Reptiles, Birds, Camels amongst a few. Mid-day we went along to the 'Wildlife Warriors' show in the Crocseum, the main arena for all the animal shows and demonstrations. They started off with a reptile talk followed by birds and then onto the crocodiles.
The keepers gave a talk and demonstration as to how they catch their food and educated us that most people only come into contact with crocs if their too close to croc infested water or their just being idiotic and asking for something bad to happen. 

My favourite part was feeding time and the time when you were able to see just how powerful these animals really are and certainly not to be messed with!
Towards the end of the day we made our way round to the far side of the zoo where we went to the Tiger talk. Again, the keepers were super hands on and were actually in the enclosure with the tigers. They talked us though the enrichment tasks they do how this helps them to maintain the animals are ok and healthy. 
Rather them than me for sure. 

Despite the weather being pants it was a great day and a good insight into how hands on the keepers are with all the animals no matter how big or small.

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