Sunday, 21 June 2015

Fraser Island - Day 2

On day two of our trip we stared the day at 7.30am and this time it was my time to drive. I drove us along the sands, rocks and rivers to Eli Creek, another freshwater stream that carries you from the top to the bottom by the sea. 

We moved on from Eli Creek to the shipwreck and then on to champagne Pools where we chilled on the beach and played in the pools before moving on to India head. We watched stingrays and sharks below as well as catching humpback whales in the distance surfacing for air. 

We headed back for the evening which where we enjoyed spag' bol', beer pong and lots of goon, naturally.

The final day of our trip was short but also just as fun and in the morning after breakfast we made our way to Lake Wabby, another freshwater lake formed by the moving sand dunes. We even ran into a dingo on the way.
Champagne Pools

Lake Wabby
My time at Fraser was one i'll remember for a long time and a highlight of my trip so far. I met lots of great people and we al bonded really well making the trip even more special.
My next journey takes me up to Rockhampton for an overnight cattle farm stay then on to Airlie Beach where I pick my boat up for my Whitsundays tour. 
It feels so good to be on the road again, YAY!

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